Service Charter Commission

The commission for the definition of the Service Charter ( of eCampus Telematic University was enstablished by virtue of the Decree of the Chairman of the Technical-Supervisory Committee n. 188 of 22 April 2010, with the aim to write and update yearly the Service Charter of the University, whose aim is to:

- clarify the modalities, the study plan and the rules of the services offered by the University;

- explain the didactic methodology adopted and the level of service offered

- always be available online on the University Portal;

- Identify the technological standards and the descriptive frameworks, such as content metadata and the blueprints of the anagraphic data, employed in order to describe the online didactic material, the registered users and the tracking parameters;

- indicate the time and modality of the tracking data storage for purposes of certification and/or examination of the learning processes undertaken by the students, by analogy with the traditional academic learning processes (mandatory attendance);

- specify features such as the maximum number of simultaneous users, the guaranteed response time, the minimum system requierements and the internet connection speed needed for the students to properly dispose of our online services, the means of access from the mobile devices, the user-friendliness in line with the current legislation.


  • Prof. Eng. Riccardo Botteri

  • Prof. Maurizio Pasquetti

  • Eng. Laura Giulio