The disciplinary tutor:

  • carries out the didactic activity in the virtual classes or, in any case, through the use of the University platform;
  • facilitates the didactic interaction, and in general the communication, between teachers and students;
  • facilitates the correct execution and monitoring of the long-distance didactic activities carried out by the students;
  • supports the teachers and, in coordination with them, contributes to the arrangement and the execution of the implemented and interactive didactic activities;
  • supports the teachers in the examination of the individual students and to the related activities;
  • supports the teachers for the activities connected to the role of supervisor of the final dissertation;
  • carries out the tutoring and supplementary didactic activities.

To sum up, the disciplinary tutors, are qualified experts on the discipline who complement the teachers with their individual skills, contributing to the constant improvement of the quality of the courses, of the services offered to the students and of the learning ability of the students.




For all the teachings of the University courses, the VLE provides a specific session for the direct interaction (synchronous) and another, still specific yet asynchronous, dedicated to the registration of the feedbacks sent by the teacher/disciplinary tutor on the specific e-tivity completed by the student.

For a synchronous interaction the Teachers and the disciplinary Tutors may:

  • receive the students in thei Virtual Office and in the related waiting room;
  • communicate directly and freely with their students through a dedicated telephone system (VOIP) with private numbering, and through a personal mobile device;
  • carry out periodical Webinars (with mandatory reservation) on audio/video, also available in mobile modality, on the thematic cores of the courses, with the possibility to share files and conversations;

For a asynchronous interaction the Teachers and the disciplinary Tutors may use the section named 'My students', where they may:

  • coordinate the online collaborative and/or cooperative e-tivities of the students groups on the  C-MAP and Wiki platforms of eCampus.
  • view all the information related to the academic career of the student;
  • view the number of the programmed lessons and that of the lessons distributed on a specific date;
  • view the results related to the self-assessment tests;
    • view each activity (exercises requesting the production of elaborates) realized by the student, then they can insert their evaluation along with eventual comments, but also attach and send a file with the solution and/or follow up material regarding  the completed activity;
    • exchange messages (with attachments) with their students;
    • animate the Forums, inserting topics for the students and/or replying to their messages.


For the monitoring of the educational path of the students the disciplinary Tutor have access to two essential VLE tools. With the fist tool, the ePortfolio, the connection is direct: the teacher and the disciplinary tutor can directly monitor the activities of the student. The ePortfolio allows the certification both of the ongoing evaluating process and of the final evaluation of the individual courses. The second tool, the Online Monitor Tutoria, allows the teachers and the disciplinary tutors to check the activity of the student through the on-line tutor. The Online Monitor Tutoria allows real-time visualization of the main activities between student and tutor during the course (number and frequence of the meetings, contents of the meetings, correspondence, difficulties, review of the planning of the course, etc.)