Pre-evaluation of Credits

With the university reform of 1999, university credits (ECTS) have been introduced in Italian universities and, if gained, can shorten the path of studies.

University credits are recognised to those who: 

  1. have passed examinations of any type, as long as they are coherent with the selected course of study at an Italian or foreign university;

  2. have attended courses of schools or public and private organisations (military schools, public schools, etc.);

  3. have passed professional licensing examinations;

  4. have professional or working experience that requires skills coherent with the direction of the selected studies (directors/officers of ministries, banks and national organisations or associations).

The evaluation of the credits that can be granted to a student at the time of enrollment is a complex operation that requires a great deal of information about the students scholastic career and all educational and work-related experience. Please apply to the local eCampus Partner.

In any case, You can contact the Assistance and Orientation service, which is always available to you and can be reached at the following telephone numbers and e-mail/Skype addresses:

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