Welcome to the RESEARCH area of eCampus University!

Research is the lifeblood of our University, what allows us to constantly innovate our methodologies and didactic contents, in addition to facing the social and technological challenges of our times. Our academic staff is actively involved in several projects and scientific studies giving rise to high-quality publications, on national and international magazines.

from the regulation on on the research Policy of eCampus university:

Art. 1 - General purposes of the research activity (from the eCampus Regulation on Research)
  • A primary objective of the University is that of promoting the activity of basic research and applied research and the ability to transfer knowledge and results to other authorities and businesses, in order to guarantee to its student a high-profile scientific and didactic instruction.
  • The programmatic policies of the University for the realization of this objective are concentrated on various development strategies including:
    • the creation of a support helpdesk for the improvement of the competitiveness and the planning of the researchers/teachers within the framework of the national and international competition announcements and of applied research
    • the promotion and the support to the research activity through the institution of a fund for each Faculty and for each Research Centre and the implementation of organizational processes and of evaluation processes for the quality of the scientific results

In addition, the University supports scientific innovation through the development of projects with the following modalities:

Commissioned research

GBy virtue of the presence of high-profile skills and experiences, both as part of pure and applied research, eCampus is an ideal partner to the businesses for the development of organizational, technologic and cultural innovation. The themes related to the Industry 4.0, IT and Industrial Automation, go hand in hand with the offer of specialistic know-how in various areas of interest: civil and environmental engineering, architecture and design, circular economy, environmental and economic sustainability, health and wellbeing, managerial innovation, business modelling and entrepreneurship, management and promotion of the human resources. eCampus is accredited as a Research Partner to the Lombardy Region - QUESTIO System – Sistema QUESTIO

Funded research

eCampus is participating in competitions and tender procedures at regional, national and international level, in order to fund notably challenging projects of research and innovation, requiring a transnational, inter-disciplinary, synergic approach. In this regard we cooperate with several universities and research centres, institutions and public entities, companies and nonprofit organizations, both in Italy and abroad. Our projects range from technologic innovation to social innovation, with particular attention to the subject of human rights, interculturality and diversity, active citizenship, promotion of cultural heritage and human capital.

For further details, visit our VIRTUAL INBOX and our active RESEARCH CENTRES; in order to activate partnerships and synergies, or to share ideas and projects which we could help to implement, write to our Research SMARTdesk