Disabled Students and LD


The students with a certified disability rating of 66% or higher shall be partially exempt from the tuition fees. The students must indicate the rate of disability and refer to the disability certificate in the enrolment form; the shall pay the second instalment as provided by the Student Regulation. This exemption is not valid for the Master's Degrees and the specialisation courses.


The University grants equal opportunities of fruition and access to the study path to all the students. To this end we enstablished a commission for the evaluation of the requests regarding examination modalities, and accessibility to locations and services offered by the University branches.

All the disabled students shall access to the Integration Services, provided that they have a disability certificate with the following requirements

  • the certificate must have been issued no earlier then three years before the application; 

  • the certificate must have been issued by the Italian National Heatlh Service (ASL, Clinics, Hospitals, etc.) or by accredited private practitioners (all the accreditation documents must be attached).

By submitting the online application form to the Novedrate Student Secretariat, the student in posession of requirements deemed appropriate by a specific internal committee, may have access to:

  • personalised examination modalities (written/oral; schedule, material format, material support by an internal tutor for the carrying out of the exams; ecc.);

  • assistance within each branch of the University;

  • inrecurring initiatives for the orientation of the students with LD

Application procedures:

  1. the Student Secretariat acquires the documents sent by the students through specific application forms 

  2. the Secretariat transmits the document to the Integration Committee

  3. the Integration Committee reserves the right to contact/convocate the student for a follow-up meeting

  4. the Integration Committee communicates the indications for the study/exam to the Student Secretariat

  5. The Student Secretariat communicates to the student the result of the application and makes contact with the teachers and the tutors in order to communicate them the specific requests.

We must specify that it is not expected for the students to directly contact the teachers, each request must be sent to the Student Secretariat.

On the occasion of the registration to the exams the students must promptly communicate the exam locations to the Student Secretariat



Dr. Gian Mauro Manzoni: Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Psychology PhD. 

Dr. Ph.D. Venusia Covelli: Psicology PhD. Disability and Case Manager.