Academic Commission for Students with Disabilities (CABES)

The Academic Commission for Students with Special Educational Needs was established in order to assess the needs of students with disabilities and / or DSA, BES and plan interventions to ensure the right to study and inclusion of all students enrolled, in accordance with the current legislation.

Members of the Commission:

Rector's Representative
Prof. Venusia Covelli

Faculty Representatives
Faculty of Engineering: Prof. Antonelli Michela
Faculty of Economics: Prof. Angelina Marcelli
Faculty of Law: Prof. Enrico Landoni
Faculty of Literature: Prof. Alessandra Mita
Faculty of Psychology: Prof. Gian Mauro Manzoni

Representative of the Academic Teaching Committee
Prof. Riccardo Botteri

Representative of the Tutors and the Degree Courses
Dott.ssa Annamaria Pagano

Technical Administrative Staff:
Giovanni Amore, Federica Seveso

Student Representative

It is possible to contact the Student Representative by consulting the representatives of the technical-administrative staff. Dr. Laura Panizza (Disciplinary Tutor of the Faculty of Psychology) and Dr. Simone Caponetti (Disciplinary Tutor of the Faculty of Law) collaborate in the work of the Commission.  

Further information