Student Representatives

L’Università telematica eCampus riconosce e valorizza la centralità degli studenti nella politica dell’Assicurazione della Qualità (AQ), con lo scopo di migliorare l’organizzazione dell’Ateneo e rafforzare la garanzia della qualità alla base dei servizi erogati a favore degli studenti.

Gli studenti esprimono il loro parere attraverso i rappresentanti degli studenti inseriti all’interno dei seguenti organi dell’Ateneo:

The telematic University eCampus recognizes and values the central importance of the students in the Quality Assurance (QA) policy, with the aim to improve the organization of the University and reinforce the quality assurance at the root of the services provided in favour of the students.


Within this system, the task of the student representatives is that of collecting the requests of the students, as well as that of proposing initiatives involving the students themselves in the active participation to the campus life.

The students express their opinion through the students representatives within the following academic authorities:

  • Teacher-Student Joint Committee (CPDS): committee enstablished on a Degree Course level or, in some cases for a group of similar Degree Courses. They are equally composed of teachers and students. They are responsible for monitoring the formative offer and the quality of the teaching, individuating the indicators for the evaluation of the results and formulating opinions on the activation and the suppression of the Degree Courses. 
    Each CPDS is required to write a yearly Report, broken down into degree courses, which must be submitted to the University’s governance and Evaluation Board (EB) 

  • Re-examination Groups: committees comprised of the  Coordinator, the Teacher Representatives, and the Student Representatives of an indiv idual  Degree Course. The re-examination groups is in charge of drafting two important documents:

    • Annual monitoring report: which includes variables such as the students' careers, along with other quantitative indicators proposed by the ANVUR (Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes);
    • Re-examination cyclical report: containing an in-depht self-evaluation of the Degree Course, with an accurate indication of the criticalities of the course and of the solution proposals to be implemented in the next cycle. This document must be produced at the very least every five years, and in any case in one of the following situations: under specific request by ANVUR, by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) or by the University itself, in case of string criticalities or substantial changes of the organisation. 


Regulation for the appointment of the student representatives