Guide for the consultation of Course Profiles

  • In order to consult the course profiles, click on the Teaching item on the task bar of the www.uniecampus.it online platform.
  • Click on Courses in order to access to the formative offer of the current academic year or of the deactivated courses of the old system (D.M.509).
  • Choose the degree title (Bachelor's Degree, Specialistic Degree, Master's Degree etc…). For example click on Bachelor's Degree.
  • Click on a specific Degree Course.
  • or example, select the degree course ECONOMICS D.M. 270/04.
  • Select the Study path/Curricula.
  • For example, the Economics and Commerce study path.
  • You can select the academic year of the formative offer and afterwards the course.
  • elect, for example, the Business Management course. 
  • Click on Business Management, then on Course Profile in order to access to the requested document.
  • You can also search for Course Profiles through the "Search for a member of the teaching Staff" item in the "Teaching" section of the portal.
  • Now you should be able to view the curriculum and the profile of each professor.
  • Within the Teacher's Profile you will now see all the Course Profiles. Click on the icon in order to open the PDF file.
  • You should now be able to view the Course Profile.