F.A.Q. - Internships

1) When can I activate my curricular internship?

You can activate your curricular internship as soon as you have reached a minimum number of CFU as provided for in the internship regulation of the degree course


2) When can I activate my extra-curricular internship?

You can activate your extracurricular internship up until 12 months from the achievement of your degree title


3) In case of an extra-curricular internship, the reference legislation is that of the region where the internship takes place?

Yes, in 99% of cases, the regulations to be followed are those of the Region where the candidate lives and where the internship takes place. In 1% of cases, however, it is possible that the host will excercise the option, provided by all regional regulations, to apply the regulations of the Region where headquarters of the host institution are located.


4) Is it possible to carry out an extra-curricular internship after the attainment of a Bachelor's Degree and during the learning pathway for the attainment of the specialist degree?

Yes. In this case, the activation of the internship seems possible because the beneficiary is already in possession of the diploma without it assuming a particular importance the fact that the same studies for the achievement of the specialized degree.


5) Can I carry out an extra-curricular internship in the same host institution where I have already carried out a curricular internship?

Yes. However you cannot carry out two extra-curricular internships in the same host institution.


6) Can I carry out my internship abroad?

Yes, it is possible to carry out internships abroad. The research of the host institution is carried out mainly independently by the student. A specific agreement must be requested to the Academic Internship Office.


7) What's a professional internship?

A professional internship is a training experience provided for the admission to the professions of a specific professional order. The duration depends on the indications of the Order of reference. The professional training is valid for access to State Examinations.


8) To how many hours of work does 1 CFU correspond?

1CFU corresponds to 25 hours of work. For example: a 7 CFU internship corresponds to 175 working hours.


9) Who is the promoting subject?

It's the subject who promotes the internship, namely carrying out all the bureaucratic obligations provided for in the regulations for its activation. It stipulates the agreement with the host subject, and it supervises the preparation of the training project for each individual scholarship. It also, deals with carrying out the legal requirements related to the INAIL and RC insurances which need to be activated in favour of each intern (subject to exceptions). For the eCampus students the promoting entity is the University.


10) Who is the host subject?

I's the subject who accepts the intern. It must make available a tutor that follows constantly the intern, tranfering knowledge and competences and supervising the training "on the job". The primary host subject are of course private companies, but also public entities, non profit associations, professional practices and in general any productive/professional activity.


11) What is the difference between company tutor and university tutor?

The first is an employee of the company/entity where the internship takes place and is responsible for suporting the intern during the internship period, while the latter is the University teacher who supervises the internship activity.


12) What skills should a company tutor possess?

The company tutor must be at least equally qualified and consistent with the professional profile related to the internship or at least a person who plays a coordinating role within the operational unit where the internship takes place.

In particular, the regulations of some study courses require company tutors to possess certain specific requirements:

  • Regional Register for Psychologists - Section A - for at least three years.
  • Physical Education and Sports: the business tutor must have at least three years' professional experience gained after graduating.
  • For interest areas 1-2-3-4 of the regulations: ISEF Diploma or Degree in Motor Sciences;
  • Alternatively for area of interest 2: Degree in Medicine (with specialisation in Physiatrics or Sports Medicine); Degree in Physiotherapy;
  • Alternatively for area of interest 4: Degree in biomedical fields (degree in Medicine with specialisation in Physiatrics or Sports Medicine, Biology, Bioengineering);
  • For area of interest 5: Bachelor's degree in areas congruent with sports management, business administration and marketing, Master's degree in Sports Management, Bachelor's degree in Sports Science with several years' experience in sports management;


13) What does "stipulating an agreement" mean?

The internship agreement is a written settlement which contains the "rules" for the realization of the internship and defines the obligations of the involved subjects (promoting entity/host entity).

eCampus University has already arranged specific "agreement models" (there are different models depending on the type of the internship) which must be signed by the legal representative of the host entity and by the legal representative of the University. The student can find the agreement forms on the University portal and contacting the Faculty internship office.


14) To whom can I ask the email of the associated company/entity?

To your Faculty Internship Office.


15) What is the email address of the internship office of my faculty?







-  (master internship)



16) What can I do if I found independently an entity/company?

If the students identify independently a company/entity, which respects all the requirements indicated in the internship regulation of the degree course, they must fill in and have the legal representative sign the "agreement" form, downloadable from the website. The agreement signed by the company/entity must be sent ahead of time to the Faculty Internship Office.


17) I have found an entity/company where to realize my internship. How can I know if the entity/company it is already associated with the University?

In order to know if the entity/company is already associated you need to turn to the Faculty internship office sending an email indicating accurately the name and the registered office of the entity/company.


18) What can I do if I cannot find a entity/company for my internship?

Contact your Faculty internship office.


19) Can I independently activate an internship?

No. An internship stems from an Agreement between a promoting subject and a host subject, who enstablish together a Training Project where the tasks that the intern is expected to carry out are defined. It is therefore indispensable to turn to the Faculty internship office.


20) What's a Training Project?

The Training Project is a document describing all the activities that the intern will carry out, the learning objectives of the internship and the implementation modalities (time, place, eventual refunds). It is signed by the host entity, the promoting entity and the intern.


21) I have to complete the Training Project, but I don’t know what name to indicate under "University Tutor". What should I do?

It is up to the Faculty's traineeship office to inform the student of the name of the tutor.


22) If I am enrolled into the Degree Course in Physical Education and Sports, which medical certificate do I need to submit to access the internship?

You will need a sports medical certificate for non-competitive activities, which may be issued by a sports medicine specialist or a general practitioner. The certificate shall contain the results of a medical history and objective examination, blood pressure measurement and a resting electrocardiogram.


23) What's the maximum duration of an internship?

- Curricular internship: maximum 12 months

- Extracurricular internships: maximum 6 months


24) How many hours per week can the interns work?

The working activity must not exceed 40 hours per week, the time frame is from 6 am to 12 pm and it is possible to work on Sunday or on public holidays provide that the days of rest are promptly recovered. Usually the intern conforms to the time frame of the host facility. Nevertheless, it is important to reiterate that an internship is not an employment contract, therefore the interns are not obliged to blindly respect the time frame, they are allowed to leave early and, if needed, they may occasionally take a day off, without being required to make up for the lost hours or days.


25) May I receive a refund of the costs incurred for a curricular internship?

You may not receive a refund.


26) May I receive a refund of the costs incurred for an extra-curricular internship?

A specific reference legislative enstablished a compulsory reimbursement of expenses for the extracurricular internships, which is variable from region to region. According to the guidelines on the issue, all the interns are entitled to a minimum guaranteed allowance, which must not be less then 300€ per month. Each Region has different regulations in terms of compensation; usually, however it varies between 300 and 600 euro per month.


27) What should I do if I get sick during my internship period?

Internships do not provide for days off, leave hours or paid sick days, because it does not constitute an employment relationship. As a result, in the event of illness, you are not required to submit any medical certificate and you need to be absent you must inform and agree with your tutor.


28) Is it possible to have an extension of the internship period?

Yes, but it must be previously agreed with the promoter and with the University internship office, sending a special email at least two weeks before the expiry of the internship indicated on the Training Project. The maximum duration of a traineeship is 12 months, including extensions.


29) Can an internship be interrupted before the deadline?

Yes, for both types of internship. However, in case od curricular internship, you can interrupt the internship activity only upon reaching the scheduled hours and in agreement with the host.


30) Will I be insured during the internship period?

The University shall cover personal injuries, in the exercise of the internship functions, by the INAIL "Gestione in conto” and eventual damages to third parties by a specific insurance policy. The information on the policies are specified in the training projects.


31) Will I be insured for the activities I may eventually carry out outside of the hosting facility?

Yes. The insurances shall cover even the activities carried out outside of the entity/company as long as they are specified in the Training Project.


32) What kind of insurance coverage does the university provide for an internship abroad?

The University covers personal damages in performing internship duties through the Inail "Account Management" and third parties damages with its own insurance policy. The only countries not covered by the liability policy are: United States, Mexico, Canada and Africa.

For an internship abroad, the student are advised to activate personally a specific personal health insurance.


33) What are the "end of the internship" documents?

The documents that you need to send in one original copy are: Training Project/Exam Transcript/Attendance Register/Evaluation Report of the company tutor.


34) Where do I have to send the "end of the internship" documents?

The "end of the internship" documents must be sent registered post to the following address: università eCampus, attenzione ufficio tirocini, via Isimbardi, 10 – CAP 22060 Novedrate (CO). The non-delivery of the documents precludes the possibility of having the internship recognized and, consequently, of graduating.


35) I finished my internship, but I didn't deliver the documents to the internship office, what can I do?

If you don't deliver the documents related to the internship to the internship office UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES THE CREDITS WILL BE RECOGNIZED AND REGISTERED.


36) When will my internship be registered into my online exam transcript?

The Student Administration Office shall be responsible for the online registration of the credits related to the internship. The procedure is not immediate, and it could easily take months and, sometimes, it might occur close to the final dissertation.


37) If I have attained a degree from another university, am I allowed to start an internship at eCampus University?

No. You may not start an extracurricular internship at eCampus University if you have already attained a Degree from another University.