Extracurricular internships

The orientative or extracurricular internships are intended to facilitate the professional choice and the employability of the young people during the transition period between between university and workplace through an education period  in direct contact with the labour market.

Extracurricular internship can be carried out by the students who finished their degree no more then 12 months prior to the application. The formative and orientative internship has a maximum duration of 6 months, including any prolongation and a minimum duration of two months.

In accordance with recent regulations, the intern must  necessarily receive an allowance for the participation to the internship. At the end of the internship a certificate of the carried out activities and of the acquired competences will be issued.

National Guidelines, which shall define a legislative reference framework, have already been enstablished, but the detailed regulation on formative and orientatative internships is the regional competence; therefore, it is necessary to follow the regulation of the Region where the internship will take place.

For further information and to enstablish an agreement and a training project contact the internship office or consult the FAQ

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