Our young researchers are waiting for your 5x1000


Giving your five per thousand to eCampus University is a concrete and direct way to support young researchers reaffirming the value of academic research, an excellence tha we need to protect and develop, investing in quality in order to guarantee a future to the new generations and to provide our country with experienced professionals.

Expressing your support for our academic research is easy:

  • in your tax returns undersign the  following item:  "Finanziamento della ricerca scientifica e della università" be it the Model 730/2019,the natural persons income 2019 or the single certification form (ex CUD) 2019;  
  • write down the fiscal code of the University: 90027520130.

This choice does not entail any cost for you, since it is a tax rate to which the State is renouncing: if you do not chose anything, the State will receive your five per thousand.

Please note that the donation of the 5 per thousand is not an alternative to the donation of the 8 per thousand, which may be donated to different realities, for different purposes.