Lecture by Minister Bussetti - University and Research: Italy and Europe of Tomorrow

On Monday, 24 June, at the Auditorium of the Novedrate headquarters, l’On. Marco Bussetti,  Minister of Education, University and Research, presented his lecture - University and Research: Italy and Europe of tomorrow -  on the prospects for the Italian Universities in a European context.

In front of a numerous audience, the Minister congratulated the representatives of eCampus University - Dr. Pietro Polidori, member of the Board of Directors of eCampus University and Rector Magnificent Prof. Enzo Siviero - for the work carried out by the University "in order to guarantee high-quality instruction within the italian public-private integrated system" and  "in order to fulfill the needs of the economic, social and productive fabric of our Country" adding that the growth rate of the registrations has tripled in the last two years, the over thirty thousand students attending the degree courses, academic masters and advanced courses, the use of technology applied to teaching/learning  is testament to the ability of eCampus University to "fulfill the needs of the new generations and in particular of the so-called working students".

The minister than addressed the ongoing work in favour of academic research explaining that "we need a 'copernican revolution' which puts research at the center of the Italian/European development politics", and that the Ministry is currently "working on a highly innovative National Research Plan realized starting with the needs of the country", part of said plann will also be the "strategic theme of Artificial Intelligence".

The complete lecture by Minister Bussetti is available here:
Lecture by Minister Bussetti for eCampus Novedrate (ITA .pdf)

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