General Didactics

EDUCATIONAL OFFER PROVIDED for the Research Doctorate in Medium and Mediality, XXXVI cycle
First Year
Activity - title* CFU Final Exam
Computer Science and Statistic 6 yes
English 6 yes
Other language 3 yes
Academic writing for research purposes 3 yes
Research Methodology 3 yes
New media for the diffusion of research 3
Synchronic and diachronic approach to mediality 6
SociologiaSociology of the media 6
Social Medium and... historical, philological, juridical, economic and social science 6
New media for data management and storage 6
Participation to seminars and conferences 3
Autonomous activity for the definition of the research project (workshops, bibliographic research, etc.) 9
Second Year
Activity - title* CFU Final Exam
English - Other language 3 yes
3 optional courses among the following:
the medium in philology and linguistics 3
the medium in the philosophical tradition 3
the medium in juridical science 3
Medium, media and education 3
Media and social inclusivity 3
Media and artistic creativity 3
Media and sustainability 3
Phenomenology of the media 3
Case studies 3
Participation to internal and external seminars and conferences 12
Participation to sem 3
Final dissertation 33
Third year
Activity - title* CFU Final Exam
Participation to seminars in order to develop personal research or a colleague’s research 3
Final dissertation 57
* the title of the didactic activities is provisional