Medium and mediality

Description and objectives

The concept of medium (and mediality, cross-mediality, trans-mediality and medialization), developed to describe the complexity of modern society, has been used in various disciplinary fields to qualify both the occurrence of the phenomenon under investigation and to describe the means of investigation or representation of the phenomenon itself. The concept, commonly used to illustrate and analyze interpersonal and social relationships (including economic, legal and artistic ones), has been further explored in literature and aesthetics through the elaboration of the specific categories of media "spaces" or "environments". Furthermore, the concept is currently used to address phenomena of specifically modern society, and can actually be employed both from an horizontal, spatial and typological point of view, and to a vertical, historical, and cultural point of view, for the study of which contemporary reality constitutes a stimulus not so much technological as theoretical and methodological.
The aim of the doctorate course is to go beyond the methodological limitations imposed by the research fields, the multiple declinations of a notion - investigated along the horizontal and vertical point of view - through the interaction between humanistic disciplines in the strict sense and social disciplines with the final objective of a mutual optimization of specific methods of investigation and observation strategies.

Career opportunities

In order to satisfy the demands and needs posed by a complex, multicultural society in which the media are becoming increasingly important, the doctorate provides an adequate preparation for the research activities (also in universities and in different disciplines) (ISTAT codes 2.6), aiming to develop skills that are necessary for highly qualified roles in various professional fields: management and direction of administrations and libraries (ISTAT codes 1. 1.2.3-6 and, business management and analysis and more generally management of interpersonal relations in sociologically differentiated contexts (ISTAT codes 1.2 and, 2. 5.1.3,, specialist analysis of economic (ISTAT, socio-anthropological (ISTAT and historical, artistic, philosophical and political (ISTAT phenomena.p>

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