National Doctoral Programmes in Learning Sciences and Digital Technologies

Administrative headquarters: University of Foggia

The Doctoral Course in Learning Sciences and Digital Technologies was developed in order to explore mind functioning in the interaction with technologies, as well as in the social and material contexts of the educational processes. The doctoral students will study the neuroscientific bases of learning, the main psychological-didactic theories and digital design, with the purpose of developing new technologies, analizing educational data on a large scale, designing new training and docimological methods. The course will focus mainly on the training of people with disabilities and special educational needs in formal, informal or non-formal contexts, as well as on educational and rehabilitative strategies for vulnerable people or people who have fallen in social difficulty. Furthermore, the PhD programme will pay particular attention to the legal aspects related to data management, privacy protection, gender perspective, equity and well-being in the relationship between individual and within an organization. The candidates of the doctoral course in Learning Sciences and Digital Technologies will be able to explore the use of technologies for the resolution of complex problems through the realization of theoretical and empirical studies.

The administrative headquarters of the Doctoral Course is the University of Foggia and eCampus University is one of the 35 affiliated universities.

The selection calls are published by the administrative headquarters.

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E-mail: dottoratonazionale@unifg.it