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The Disability Job Supporter is an innovative professional figure required within all employment services, in public/private enterprises and schools. The aim of this figure is to establish a direct relationship with disabled people, so as to overcome prejudices and stereotypes. The Disability Job Supporters need to know the access paths to the workplace, the potential of those they accompany, the times, ways and rules governing the labour market, and the problems and transformations related to the current situation of the working world. For these reasons, eCampus University, in collaboration with ANDEL (National Disability Authority), established three specialization courses aimed at those wishing to operate in the school system, job placement services or in the labour market:

Tuition Fees

  • one course € 600
  • two courses € 900
  • three courses € 1200



In a school, the figure of the Disability Job Supporter takes care of the disabled students attending the final year, with the purpose of verifying the possession of the certificate of invalidity required to establish the appropriate aid intensity, assess the distance from the world of work, draw up a personalized project of support and curate the placement process. The Disability Job Supporter is also capable of providing career guidance, promoting the development of the necessary prerequisites for the access to employment, and support teachers in the planning of internships adapted to the student's real job prospects. Lastly, the Disability Job Supporter can support the young person and the family in the delicate transition phase from school to work.

In the context of the labour market, the figure of the Disability Job Supporter accompanies and supports a disabled person during the pathway to work. It is increasingly necessary to train professionals able to understand the needs, expectations, abilities, skills and potential of the people they are assisting, so as to draw up a project for their introduction into the labour market. Furthermore, the Disability Job Supporter must also take on the task of assessing the work environment and favouring the integration phase. Work inclusion cannot be successfully achieved without adequate overall preparation.

The Disability Job Supporter for public and private companies draws up a personalized project for the fullfillment of the work obligations not using only the institutions provided for by the legislation, but resorting to good practice and experimentation. The personalized project for the fulfilment of work obligations should take into due consideration the disabled person, the company and the socio-economic context of reference.The DJS takes concrete action with people services, and companies, aware that it is not possible to operate in this sector without interacting on the territory. The Disability Job Supporter, is the promoter and supervisor of the planning, programming recruitment, selection, insertion, training, and retention of the employment relationship. This figure facilitates internal relations, identifies the technical and organisational measures required to enable the disabled worker to wand be productive in accordance with their possibilities and potential.

Admission requirements and target students
The training courses are aimed at:

  • candidates in possession of a secondary school diploma;
  • candidates in possession of a bachelor's degree;
  • candidates in possession of an old system degree, master's degree/specialist degree;
  • candidates in possession of equivalent levels of education (see above) attained abroad and recognized as valid by the Council of the Course of Study.

Structure and duration of the courses
The courses are implemented through online lessons (virtual classroom), which will take place between April and July 2023 according to the calendar attached.
The learning pathway does not provide for a final exam, hower a 80% compulsory attendance is required.
The training offer of the courses provides for general subjects (common for all learning pathways) and specific subjects (different for each learning pathway); if the student wishes to attend two or more learning pathways they will be required to attend the lectures related to the general subjects only once.

Course schedule - Job Supporter

Upon completion of the courses, all the students who have attended for more than 80% will receive a certificate of participation.

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