Suspension of the studies

Interrupt (suspend) the studies


The suspension of the studies is the possibility to interrupt the studies for a specific period of time no more then twelve months.

During the suspension period, no career acts such as taking exams, modifying or transmitting a study plan, request for the recognition of a didactic activity, discussion of the final dissertation are allowed.

The cases in which the suspension may be requested

The student up to date with the fees shall have the possibility of suspending the studies - through request to the Magnificent Rector - solely and exclusively in case of:

  • ccertified health reasons, proving the student's inability to participate in the didactic activities for a period exceeding 60 days;
  • enrolment into a first level/second level master;
  • enrolment into a doctorate.

The student must provide an adequate certification in support of the request which shall be approved/rejected through incontestable deecision of the Rector

How to suspend the studies

In order to request the suspension of the studies, the student must fill in the application form, including a 16,00 € revenue stamp, and send it to the Student Administration Office, which will send back a formal response through e-mail.


Withdrawal from studies

The withdrawal from studies is a formal act which closes permanently the student's university careeer. It is very important to understand that this procedure is irrevocable.

The withdrawing student cannot obtain, under no circumstances, the refund of the amount paid for the registration.

How to transmit a withdrawal from studies request

  1. fill in and sign the specific form, and include a 16 € revenue stamp;

  2. transmit to the Novedrate Student Administration Office:

  • the form

  • the University badge

  • the proof of payment of 600€ for the registration fees (payment modalities)


Deadlines for the transmission of the request of withdrawal 

The student must transmit the withdrawal request from 01 June to 31 July. It is necessary to be up to date with the payments of all the fees, including those of the current year.