Change course of study

Within the University


Requirements for the application and general indications

In order to apply for the change it is necessary to be up to date with the registration fee and to submit the request ahead of the registration renewal period.

How to change a course of study

The student must fill in the Request to change Degree Course Form, include a 16€ revenue stamp and send it to the Novedrate Student Secretariat along with:

  • the proof of the payment of 100,00 €  relative to the fee for the change of a degree course (see payment modalities)

The Student's Administration Office shall verify the regularity of the payments relative to the registration fees and the correct registration of the passed exams. Then the request for the recognition of the exams will ne transmitted to the Council responsible for the chosen degree course.


Change to new system degree course (D.M. 270/04)

On the aftermath of the University reform (D.M. 270/04), e-Campus shall ensure to the already enroled students the issuing of any qualification certificate, in accordance with the didactic regulations previously in force.

In addition, e-Campus guarantees the possibility to opt for the registration to that same degree course reformed according to the new system.

For further information on the exam recognition send an email at following address

The form for the request to change from an old system degree course (D.M. 509/99) to a new system degree course (D.M. 270/04) is the same form used for changing to any degree course. However, in this case the student is exent from the payment of the 100,00 € fee