Tender Announcement for the awarding of n°1 Research Grant for the Faculty of Psychology


By D.R. n. 02/19 of 25 January 2019, was announced a public selection procedure for the awarding of n. 1 (one) research grant, in accordance with art. 22, par. 2, Law 240/2010, and art. 2, par. b) of the Academic Regulations, at the Faculty of Psychology, in the following Academic Recruitment Fields: 

Academic Recruitment Field 


Academic Recruitment Field 06/N2 – Physical Exercise and Sport


 M-EDF/02 Physical Exercise and Sport



Publication date: 28 January 2019

Application Deadline: 12 February 2019


Academic Recruitment Field

(Requirements and description of the research activity)


Minutes of the first meeting and definition of the assessment criteria

Minutes of the second meeting

Minutes of the third meeting and Approval of the Deeds

06/N2  Physical Exercise and Sport

M-EDF/02 – Methods and Didactics of the Sports Activities 

D.R. 21-19 M-EDF 02

 Minutes 1 ssd M-EDF 02

 Minutes 2 ssd M-EDF 02

 3 ssd M-EDF 02

D.R. 28-19 Approval of the Deeds ssd M-EDF 02