Qualifications for admission

Who may register

All Italian and foreign citizens in possession of a 2nd level secondary school diploma recognised as suitable (including four-year diplomas - MIUR note no. 1256 of 22-5-2003). Foreign students who hold technical or professional high school diplomas that, according to the regulations of their country of origin, do not allow enrollment in certain degree courses, unless they have passed supplementary examinations or complementary courses, may not enrol if their qualification does not give direct access, in their country of origin, to a degree course corresponding to the one for which enrollment is requested.

All the italian and foreign citizens who are in possession of a recognised Bachelor's degree.

All the italian and foreign citizens who are in possession of a recognised Bachelor's degree.

All the italian and foreign citizens who are in possession of a recognised Master's degree.

The enrollment of students in possession of a qualification obtained abroad is subject to compliance with the requirements provided for in the previous points and the possession of at least 12 (twelve) years of schooling. The qualification must be issued by the competent educational body and duly translated, legalized and accompanied by a declaration of value issued by the Italian diplomatic representation abroad with territorial jurisdiction, or ENIC/NARIC certificate of comparability issued by CIMEA.


Simultaneous enrollment

Upon publication of Ministerial Decree n. 930 of 29-07-2022, regulating the he simultaneous enrollment of students on a degree or Master's degree course, research doctorate or specialisation course at the same University or at other Universities, Schools or Institutes of Higher Education with special regulations provided that:

  • they both do not provide for compulsory attendance
  • they belong to different degree courses, or to the same master
  • they differ for at least two thirds of the training activities

As required by the aforementioned decree, the University has defined in its Student Regulations the general Academic Provisions

Please note that, as provided for in Art. 47.1 of the University Teaching Regulations, it is not possible at eCampus University to enroll simultaneously in a Bachelor's or Master's degree course and single courses.

On-line Enrollment

Further information

For further information:

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