The didactic assessment questionnaires are intended to gather the students' opinions, degree of satisfaction and expectations in terms of didactic activities.

The objectives of the evaluation are the following:

  • monitor the quality of the Study Courses and of the support services to the didactics;
  • remedy to the points of criticism emerging from the questionnaires, in the context of a continuous process for quality improvement.

The didactic assessment questionnaires, pursuant to the directives from the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes (ANVUR), will be administered to all the students.

The students may fill in the questionnaires logging in to the Reserved Area of the academic platform. 

the questionnaires are divide into two groups:

  1. Questionnaires for the assessment of the didactic activities: are compulsory before the registration to an examination, and shall be administered after the 2/3 of the lessons have been implemented. 
  2. Questionaires for the assessment of the Courses of Study and the Examination sessions: questiona on the Study Course and on the teachings; shall be administered at the beginning of the academic year (starting form the II year).

The questionnaires are compulsory for the access to any examination and shall be filled in at the right time, so as to provide accurate results for the purpose of improving the system of Quality Assurance (QA).

Specific procedures ensure the anonimity of the students with regard to the information provided in the  questionnaires. 

The graduating students may express their opinion filling in the questionnaires administered before the submission of the graduation application. The graduated students may express their opinion through a telephone survey.