24 CFU Formative Path – D.M. 616/17

Legislative Decree n. 59/17 simplifies the initial training system and the access to the teaching role.

The D.M. 616 10 August 2017 enstablishes, under Article 5 of D.l. 59/17, the disciplinary sectors, the formative objectives and the organisational arrangements.

For the admission to the public competition are required 24 CFU within the following areas of interest:

  • pedagogy; special education and inclusive didactics;
  • psychology;
  • anthropology;
  • didactic methods and techniques.

eCampus University offers a formative path which provides for the acquisition of 12 cfu in telematic mode and 12 cfu through examination at one of the branches of the University.
The issuance of the certificate provided in par.5 art.3 of DM 616/17 is subject to the completion of the exams and to the verification of the actual participation of the students.

The duration of the courses is a maximum of 6 months, and the cost is 750,00 € for 4 exams relative to the following SSD:

M-PSI/04 M-DEA/01 M-PED/01 M-PED/03

For further information write to: percorso24cfu@uniecampus.it