EIPASS Certificates

| European Informatics Passport

The EIPASS certificate are designed to ensure a high level of training before and during your professional career.

These are internationally recognized certificates useful to:

  • enrich your resume with appropriate qualifications;
  • become a collaborator or employee with certified skills;
  • obtain higher scores in rankings and public competitions.

EIPASS supports the dissemenation of digital culture and the principle of Lifelong Learning on which the international certification programmes are based.

An Eipass course is an international certificate (or certification) affirming specific knowledge related to the world of work, education and information technology, in accordance with the new digital dynamics.

The Eipass courses provide specific programmes focesed on the most required digital competencies to disseminate computer literacy in both school and working environments, providing online training to meet real needs and to help manage learning and study through new technologies.

EIPASS provides a series of up-to-date courses to meet the demands of the ever-changing education and job market.

All EIPASS certifications are available in e-learning mode, the exams take place in ONLINE mode with the simple help of a PC, an internet connection and a webcam.

To simplify the choice of the most suitable certification, we have classified the certifications according to the area of expertise developed: