Simultaneous enrolment - Degree Courses and Masters

Upon publication ofMinisterial Decree n. 930 of 29-07-2022, regulating the he simultaneous enrolment of students on a degree or master's degree course, research doctorate or specialisation courseat the same University or at other Universities, Schools or Institutes of Higher Education with special regulations, eCampus University hereby announces that, as from academic year 2022/2023, all students, even those enrolled at other Universities, may apply for simultaneous enrolment, provided that they meet all the requirements laid down by the regulations in force.

Below is a summary of the provisions contained in the Decree and the necessary requirements.

It is possible to enrol simultaneously, thus obtaining two different degrees.

  • to two different three-year degree courses
  • to two different master's degree courses
  • to an academic master, research doctorate or specialization course, except medical specialization school
  • at the same University or at other Universities, Schools or Institutes of Higher Education with special regulations
  • at italian or international institutions


It is not allowed to enrol simultaneously into two different Universities, two Institutes of Higher Education with special regulations

  • two bachelor's degrees or master's degrees belonging to the same class
  • to the same Academic Master

please note: enrolment in two degree or master's degree courses, belonging to different degree or master's degree classes, s allowed if the two courses differ in at least two-thirds of their educational activities.


Students intending to enrol in a second course of study  or willing to change course within the same university or transfer courses between different universitiesupon enrolment, must present a self-certification, to be renewed annually, in which he/she declares his/her intention to enrol in a different university courseelf-certifying that he/she meets the necessary requirements (it is not, for example, possible to enrol simultaneously in a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree for a student who has not yet graduated)

please note: this self-certification must be submitted to both universities..