Biological Sciences, which to this day is a valid option for taking exams compatible with faculties such as Medicine or Odontology, is among the new degree courses activated by eCampus University.

eCampus is the only italian University proposing this degree course predominantly, in an online platform.

This degree course allows the students to take exams also accepted by the Medicine and Odontology faculties. Once the students have obtained 25 CFU, they may transfer to these faculties without having to take the entrance test, since they will directly be admitted to a level higher than that of the first year*.

The didactic modality provides for the students to attend to the lectures online carrying out internships and workshops at the Novedrate campus or at institutions associated with the University within their region of residence.

 The constant availability of the professors for  explanations and supplementary information, grants a specific and consolidated training. In addition, a tutor will constantly follow the students' formative path; and a carefully planned personal schedule will give them the possibility to reach their targets in due time.

For each exam are planned seven rounds per academic year, with no required propedeucity. 

Please note that the enrolment for the academic year 2018/19 is now open: this is an opportunity not to be missed for those who did not pass the entrance test to Medicine and Odontology, to finally enrol to these faculties, fullfilling their dream.

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* The deliverance of the verdicts of the regional administrative courts of Lombardy, Calabria, Catania and Pescara validated the possibility to directly be admitted to the faculties of Medicine and Odontology - on a level higher than that of the first year and without having to take the entrance test - through academic transfer to a similar degree course in the field of medicine  (upon validation of 25 CFU).