Description and objectives

Wellness and sustainability are two deeply interconnected themes. The aim of this doctorate is to provide the candidates with an integrated approach on various themes related to wellness and sustainability, such as environmental conservation; the correct lifestyles for health restoration, prevention and treatment of pathological states.

Employment opportunities

The aim of the doctorate is to provide the students with knowledge and abilities required to carry out highly qualified research activity within the field of wellness, sustainability, within the framework of the Engineering, Psycological, Biological, and Medical disciplines for structures/institutions/public or private centers, at a national and international level. The multi-disciplinary nature of the project enables the acquisition of across-the -board specialized competencies within various scientific fields. Furthermore, the candidates will have the possibility to carry out their research activity at one of the conventioned universities.
During the course of the doctorate, the students are required to submit the following scientific production: at least 2 research works presented at nationa/internaltional congresses; at least 2 research works published on qualified magazines.

Coordinator: Carlo Baldari (Teacher Profile)
Language of the Course: Italian
Duration: 3 years
Didactics of the Doctorate 2020-21
Research authorities 2020-21
Line of research 2020-21
Collaborations and international mobility 2020-21
Research doctorate and businesses 2020-21
Regulation of the Research Doctorate 2020-21