Medium and Mediality

Description and objectives

The concept of medium (and mediality, cross-mediality, trans-mediality and mediatization), elaborated in order to describe the complexity of the modern society, is related to various disciplinary areas, as a qualification of both the phenomenon and its representation. The concept may be related to interpersonal and social relations (including the economical, juridical and artistical relations, and was furtherly explored in Literature and Aesthetics through the elaboration of specific categories of media "spaces" or "environments". The concept of medium was used in order to represent the phenomena related to the modern society and may be used in order to represent the social and historical-cultural evolution of the pre-moderm society, as in the contemporary society such concepty may be interpreted only theoretically and methodologically.
The objective of the research doctorate is that of exploring the multiple declination of the notion of mediality - both from a vertical and an horizontal point of view - through the interaction between humanistic disciplines and social disciplies with the purpose of a reciprocal refinement of research methods and specific observation strategies.

Employment opportunities

As a response to the many requirements of a multicultural and complex society where the media are becoming increasingly important, the research doctorate will provide a more than adequate preparation for various disciplinary areas (ISTAT code 2.6), provides the necessary competencies required for various professional profiles (such as library curator) (INSTAT code e, business management and, more in general management of the inter-personal relationships in different sociological contexts (INSTAT codes 1.2 and,,, specialist analysis of economic phenomena (ISTAT, socio-anthropologic phenomena (ISTAT and historical, artistic, philosophical and politic phenomena (ISTAT

Coordinator: Professor Lucia Bertolini, PhD (Teacher Profile)
Language of the Course: Italian
Duration: 3 years
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