New Advertising Campaign

featuring Cristiano Ronaldo


On Monday 27 January 2020, will air the new advertising campaign starring Cristiano Ronaldo. The commercial titled "Parallelism"  is an Italian-Portuguese co-production, and features the Portuguese champion as a trainer/motivator for a group of students.

The commercial ends with the catchphrase “Choose the best: chooose eCampus”, will air in the Mediaset channels until 8 february and will be published online.

Cristiano Ronaldo continues his commitment to high quality academic instruction donating 36 scolarships to deserving graduates willing to start an academic program.

New scolarships will be available shortly.

For more information please go to:

eCampus University offers 49 innovative online degree courses, and is the only online university in Italy providing a frontal tutoring service, available in all provinces of Italy. This didactic model is ideal either for those students who may not attend to classroom-based lectures and are willing to make the most of their time managing independently their studies, and for those aiming at excellent results with the support of a personal tutor.


Creative Agency


Partners Lisboa, in collaboration with:
- Elena Sforza, Emanuela Traversini (copywriter)
- Jacopo Nocentini, Fabrizio Manis (graphic designer)

Direction by

Enrique Escamilha 

Production company

Garage Play Films

Subject of Advertising Campaign

Parallelism between Study and Physical Training

Campaign Planning

Tv: Roberta Burini
Web: Francesca Nardi

Media mix

TV and Web