EUStudy – European Citizenship Education in Theory and Practice

1/9/19 – 28/2/21
Università eCampus
Prof. Francesco Pigozzo
EUStudy identifies an interdisciplinary challenge underlain by European citizenship education efforts and addresses it through a comprehensive working programme that targets school professionals and students/pupils, civil society, the scientific community and education policy makers at the Italian and European level. The project aims at cross-fertilizing the EU studies and the Education research fields through academic conferences and a research activity aimed at producing sound scientific outputs and publications that can sustain evidence-based policy making and multi-layered methodological approaches to citizenship education. Academic activities are consistently intertwined with a series of events and deliverables whose design originates from experimented and multilingual best practices of EU education and communication developed by key staff members and awarded public support in the last ten years: teachers’ workshops and classroom activities, mixing distance with in-presence learning that exploit the eCampus eLearning facilities, its unique network of 60 local seats all over Italy and an original Virtual Learning Environment on the EU created by individual staff members in a KA3 Erasmus+ project; filmed projections of music recital show “Europe: what a Passion! The tale of a stormy love affair” followed by roundtable debates with civil society and media representatives; finally, in cooperation with the Movimento Europeo Italia, the “Bologna process on trial”, i.e. the application of a successful simulation game format to the framework intergovernmental initiative that drives cooperation in the field of higher education policies since the beginning of this Century. An internal academic seminar will prepare, monitor and exploit the EUStudy project results inside the growing eCampus community itself, including its 25,000 enrolled students, 60,000 users of its eLearning tools and a rapidly developing network of EU and international academic institutions.